Jamestown Charter Twp, Michigan

Address: 2380 Riley Street
Jamestown, Michigan 49427
Phone (616) 896-8376
Fax: (616) 896-7271
Official Web Site:
Population5,062Want to see your
favorite city
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Just Email it to
[email protected]
Sq. Miles
Form Govt.
U.S. RepPeter Hoekstra-R (2)[email protected]
State SenJackie Vaughn-D (22)[email protected]
State Rep Wayne Kuipers-R (90)[email protected]
AssessorHoward Feyen[email protected]
Hero Broekhuizen[email protected]
Building/ZoningWayne Oosterink[email protected]
ClerkRuth Pruis[email protected]
Fire ChiefMelvan Rhee[email protected]
SupervisorJames Miedema[email protected]
TreasurerScott Brouwer[email protected]
TrusteesDoug Nyenhuis
Stephen Rau
Norma Shaarda
Michael Sipe

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