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Pet Arthritis was born out of the pages of, and will be striving to be the fastest growing web site offering Michigan Information, low cost web services, reasonably priced Internet Advertising, while providing directories for Michigan Businesses, Churches, and Organizations. Big enough to serve the World Wide Web - Small enough to serve your Community!

InfoMI is building a large network of COMMUNITY PAGES, enabling small towns to promote their businesses and events. Even indexing their local neighbors!

All the pages are quite similar, like the phone book, when you get used to using them, it makes them faster and faster!

InfoMI rates make the WORLD WIDE WEB affordable for everyone in the State of Michigan!

Even the addresses are really simple, remember www.infomi.comthen: /city/ then type: cityname (no spaces) YOU'LL BE THERE!!!     You can even change /city/ to: /county/ or /township/, we have those pages also.

Of course just clicking on the buttons with each table is really easy!

And now we are providing low cost hosting and domain parking, so whether you have a web site you would like to move to a Michigan server?     Or you would like to have one built for you... is YOUR Internet Home!!!

And who runs Well, my name is Deborah, and except for a 10 year vacation in California ;-), I am born and bred a Michigander! I bring to this company 28 years in office managerial, 25 years experience in computers, from DOS to fixing them to running them (to them running me :-)) to search engines. 10 years of advertising, 6 years of web design and HTML, 3 years of extensive digital photo editing. I also continue to study in order to keep up with the ever changing Internet community, including doing extensive analyzing of search engines (robots), WWW directores, keywords, META TAGS, what works and what doesn't.

This is my business, and the job I love to do (I average around 15 hours a day, 6 days a week - I'm a computer junkie :-)).

Let my experience help you and your business get more Internet visiblity, drive more traffic to your existing web site, and increase your business.

For more information, send a note to: - 8591 E. Messenger Street - Chase, MI 49623
EMAIL: [email protected]

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