Grand Haven Charter Twp, Michigan

grandhaven.index.html.1"> Address: 13300 168th Ave
Grand Haven, Michigan 49417-9440
Phone (616) 842-5988
Fax: (616) 842-9419
Web Site
Sq. Miles
Form Govt.
U.S. RepPeter Hoekstra-R (2)[email protected]
State SenWilliam VanRegenmorter-R (32)[email protected]
State Rep Jon Jellema-R (89)[email protected]
ClerkKathryne Olds616-842-7691
ManagerWilliam Cargo616-842-5988
SupervisorJohn Nortier616-842-2664
TreasurerLeroy Vermeer616-842-5988
TrusteesThomas Jenkins616-842-5988
Steve Karell616-842-5988
William Kieft III616-842-5988
Rosemary VanOosterhout616-842-5988

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