Cooper Charter Twp, Michigan

coopercharter.index.html.1"> Address: 1590 W. D Ave
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49004-9321
Phone (616) 382-0223
Fax (616) 382-3812
Web Site
Sq. Miles
Form Govt.
County Kalamazoo
U.S. RepFrederick Upton (6)[email protected]
State SenDale Shugars (21)[email protected]
State Rep Charles Perricone (61)[email protected]
AssessorRenee Luster616-382-0223
Clerk Bonnie Sytsma616-382-0223
Ordinance EnforcerJulie Muller616-382-0223
SupervisorRichard Fulton616-382-0223
TreasurerCarol DeHaan616-382-0223
TrusteesBrenda Buiskoll616-382-0223
Jim Frederick616-382-0223
K.Jean Pratt616-382-0223
Robert Schiedel616-382-0223

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