Coloma Charter Twp, Michigan

colomacharter.index.html.1"> Address: 4919 Paw Paw Lake Rd
Coloma, Michigan 49038-9607
Phone (616) 468-7212
Fax:(616) 468-6503
Sq. Miles
Form Govt.General Law Village
U.S. RepFred Upton-R (6)[email protected]
State SenHarry Gast-R (20)[email protected]
State Rep Charles LaSata-R (79)[email protected]
SupervisorMatthew Moser616-468-7212
ClerkMarilyn Schultz616-468-7212
TreasurerRobert Johnson616-468-7212
TrusteesCynthia Aviles616-468-7212
Bryan Duffield616-468-7212
Glenn Keefer616-468-7212
Robert Molter616-468-7212

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