Website Hosting

Domain Registration
- $20 per year domain registration
- - - (some domains require a 2 year first sign up
- $170 yearly hosting (storage)
- 50 MB of storage for site and e-mail
- POP E-Mail Accounts
- E-Mail aliases
- E-Mail autoresponders
- SquirrelMail - Webbased e-mail program
- Anonymous FTP access/usage
- Monthly Stats
- Microsoft Frontpage support
- SSL Secure Server
- CGI-bin with pre-configured scripts
- - - (1.92 version)
- Password protected directories
- Single page shopping cart
- WWW bulletin board ready to run
- Visiable site counters
- Free-For-All links page ready to run
- Referrer Logs
Optional Features
- Shopping cart system using our software - $100
- MIVA Merchant Shopping Cart - $650
- Additional POP - $10/year
- Real Audio/Video - $15/month
- Java Chat Room - $20/month (300MB of space or higher)

Now, watch as your customers find you with ease.
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