Ubly, Michigan

ubly.index.html.1"> Address: 4481 N. Queen Str
PO Box 216
Ubly, Michigan 48475-0216
Phone (517) 658-2141
Sq. Miles1
Form Govt.General Law Village
Meeting1st Wed.,8:00pm
U.S. RepJames Barcia-D (5)[email protected]
State SenJoel Gougeon-R (34)[email protected]
State Rep Mike Green-R (84)[email protected]
AssessorFlorence Schrader
AttorneyJohn Schweder517-259-9571
Clerk Christopher Tyll
CouncilRose Allen
Ruth Olshove
William Roberts
Kenneth Sweeney
Carl Weber
James Zulauf
Fire ChiefLloyd Booms
Library DirTheresa Murdock
PresidentDaniel Lackowski
Public InfoDaniel Lackowski
StreetsChristopher Tyll
TreasurerFlorence Schrader
WaterJerry Herp

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