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Osceola Twp, Michigan

Townhall Address: 8095 80th Avenue
Evart, Michigan 49631-8746
Phone (231) 734-5965
Official Website:

Population1,118Osceola Twp
Sq. Miles34.47
Form Govt.Township
Meeting2nd Mon., 2:00pm
State Government Officials/Representatives
AssessorPeter Ermatinger231-250-1168
ClerkSandra Carmichael231-734-5965
SupervisorPeter Ermatinger231-250-1168
TreasurerDarlene Schroeder231-734-2344
TrusteesNeal Feikema E-Mail
Melanie Wirth E-Mail
ZoningPeter Ermatinger231-250-1168

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