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charlotte, Michigan Church Directory

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Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    1516 South Cochran Road,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-0445

Assembly of God

Assembly of God Church
    1100 East Clinton Trail,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-0649
Come Praise the Lord with us.


Calvary Baptist Church
    825 North Cochran,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4028

First Baptist Church
    1110 South Cochran,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-6900


Shepherd Street United Brethren
    809 East Shepherd,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-0167


St. Mary's Catholic Church
    812 Saint Mary's Blvd,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4319


Evangelical Christian Church
    1848 South Cochran Road,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-8775

Christian Reformed

Christian Reformed Church
    421 State Street,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4721

Church of Christ

Charlotte Church of Christ
    64 Van Sickle Drive,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517) 541-9930 John Bailey

[email protected]

Church Of Christ
    1825 South Cochran,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4064

Church of God

New Hope Community
    436 West Harris Street,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517) 543-8603

[email protected]

South Cochran Church Of God
    2470 South Cochran Road,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-3293

Church of the Nazarene

Church Of The Nazarene
    302 East Lovett,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-1683


Congregational Church
    106 South Bostwick,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-1310

West Carmel Congregational Church
    5016 Carlise Highway,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (269)763-3112 Pastor Darwin Kuhl
West Carmel Church is a small church with a big heart. Worship is Sunday at 11:00am. Bible study at 9:30am.
[email protected]


St. John's Episcopal Church
    201 West Shepherd,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4430


Chester Gospel Church
    3744 West Vermontville Highway,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-5488

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses
    40 North Chester Road,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-5185


First Lutheran Church
    550 East Shepherd Street,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4360

Peace Lutheran Church
    830 North Cochran Avenue,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-1503


Real Life Church
    125 East Stoddard Road,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517) 726-1588 Andy Shaver
A Multi Denominational, Casual & Contemporary Church. Come as you are. Sundays 10:00 am Reach Out Service. Tuesday - Thursday Life Groups for all ages. Student - Adult - Childrens Ministries. Pastor Andy Shaver
[email protected]


Charlotte Pentecostal Church
    610 Jefferson,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-0131

Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day S

Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
    202 East Lovett Street,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-0003

The United Church of Christ

Charlotte First Congregational Church
    106 South Bostwick,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-1310
A United Church of Christ "God is Still Michigan" welcoming and affirming congregation. Service at 10AM Sunday Mornings with Sunday School for Adults at 8:30AM and Youth Sunday School included during worship service. Many classes, youth groups and programs for all ages.
[email protected]

United Brethren in Christ

Crossroads Church
    813 East Shephard Street,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-0167 Pastor Mike Arnold
Click here for Worship Service Times and Programs, Maps and Directions.

United Methodist

Brookfield Eaton United Methodist Church
    7681 Brookfield Road, P.O. Box 430,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4225 Pastor Kevin Hale
Come Worship with us!
[email protected]

First United Methodist Church
    748 Bonnie Street,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-0910

Gresham United Methodist Church
    5055 Mulliken Road,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-9630

Lawrence Avenue United Methodist
    210 East Lawrence,   Charlotte,  MI   48813  
Phone: (517)543-4670


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