Yale 1999 Bologna Festival Photo Page

Photos courtesy of:
Steve Hunt

If you're not from our fair city, you're probably wondering what the Bologna Festival is
Well, it's our summer festival. Yale is known for its bologna.

Whoever said that America has no royalty hasn't been to our fair city recently.  We proudly present the Bologna King and Queen.
Oh yeah, Miss Michigan somehow got in this picture.

Everybody knows that Yale has the best police force in Michigan.
Let's hear it for Yale's Keystone Cops!

As if this site didn't already have enough bologna in it.  INCOMING!

Pip'n in the street! Here come the pipers @ the Bologna Parade!

People, people, come on!  You must know by now that The Bologna Festival is a BIG deal.

The best smelling outhouses in Michigan are in the outhouse races in Yale!  Here comes the Vinckier's Foods Outhouse!

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