Webberville, Michigan

webberville.index.html.1"> Address: 115 S. Main St
PO Box 389
Webberville, Michigan 48892-0389
Phone (517) 521-3984
Fax: (517) 521-3165
Sq. Miles1.2
Form Govt.General Law Village
Meeting1st Mon.,7:00pm
U.S. RepDebbie Stabenow-R (8)[email protected]
State SenDianne Byrum-D (25)[email protected]
State RepPaul DeWeese-R (67)[email protected]
PresidentBruce Carr
CouncilPat Barrett
John Brockmiller
Allen Hale

Jim Roberts
Alice Schad
AttorneyJoseph Cox517-521-3015
Bldg InspJeff Bartrem517-655-6048
Clerk Rosa Lee Jones
DDABruce Carr
Econ DevEd Grobe517-676-7210

Fire ChiefVacancy
LibraryCheryl Miceli(517) 521-3643
TreasurerVirginia Howell


ZoningJeff Bartrem517-655-6048

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