CITY GOVERNMENT - Sturgis, Michigan

Phone (616)651-2321
Address: 130 N Nottawa St
Sturgis, Michigan 49091-0280
Fax: (616)651-5795
Population 10,130 
Sq. Miles 5 
Form Govt. Council/Manager 
Meeting 2nd & 4th Wed., 7:30p.m. 
County Saint Joseph  
U.S. Rep Frederick Upton (6) 
State Sen Harry Gast, Jr (20) 
State Rep Glenn Oxender (59) 
Legis Coord Carl Holsinger  
Mayor John Dobberteen 
Commission Micheal McCarthy, Carl Holsinger, Donald Lampe, Sue Bir
John Fair, Gene Harrison, Carrol Eaton, Duke Lutz
Manager Jerome Kisscorni  
Asst Mgr Gerry Mayer  
Clerk Carol Rambadt  
Attorney Roger Bird 651-2445
Finance Jerome Kisscorni  
Treasurer Carol Rambadt 
Contoller Michael Vance  
Assessor Paul Trinka 
Purchasing Jerome Kisscorni  
Fire Chief Paul Trinka  
Police Chief Eugene Alli 
Bldg Insp Mike Houck  
Engineer Tom Seymour  
Com Dev Gerry Mayer  
Econ Dev Gerry Mayer  
Streets Ray McKercher  
Elec Utilities John Griffith  
Wastewater Jeannette Fenner 
Cemetery Rick Bir 
Parks & RecSusette Duex 
Pub Housing Robert Knorr  
Airport Mgr Brian Riley  
Library Dir Sandra Gerow  
Hospital David James  
MIS Michael Vance  

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