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LeRoy, Michigan

Address: 101 S Bevins St - P.O. Box 58
LeRoy, Michigan 49655-0058
Phone (231) 768-4414

Population267LeRoy Village
Sq. Miles0.97
Form Govt.General Law Village
Meeting 2nd Wed - 7:30pm
County Osceola
State Government Officials/Representatives
PresidentJoseph Ra Beaudet
Council Ken Benkert
Gary Edstrom
Michael Johnson
Gary Lockhart
Brian Noreen
Charles Peterson
Clerk Ann Lockhart
TreasurerJoan Swanson
AssessorEldred Peterson
StreetsGary Edstrom
MuseumKathleen Curtis231-768-4493
Library DirKimberly Nelson231-768-4394
Public InfoAnn Lockhart

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