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Hopkins, Michigan

Address: 309 East Main Street
Hopkins, Michigan 49328
Phone (269) 793-3188
Sq. Miles0.5
Form Govt.Council/President
Meeting2nd Mon.,7:30pm
U.S. Representative District 2
State Senator District 22
State Representative District 88
PresidentRick Harmsen
AssessorJudy Weick
AttorneyMichael Bogren269-382-5935
Bldg InspVacancy
Clerk Sandra Morris269-793-7420
CouncilJim Gaunce
Jerry Hazen
David Hodge
Gary Kerber
Richard Malone
DDABrent Sebright
Fire ChiefRobert Larr, Jr
Library DirAlice Hazen269-793-7516
Police ChiefVacancy
Public InfoSandra Morris
StreetsRobert McEwen
TreasurerGloria Meerdering269-793-4506
WastewaterRobert McEwen

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