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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Address: 300 Monroe Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-2281
Phone: (616) 456-3000
Fax: (616) 456-3111

Population197,800Grand Rapids City Hall, Michigan
Sq. Miles45.32
Form Govt.Council/Manager
Meeting1st Tue.,7:00pm;Other Tue.,2:00pm
State Officials/Representatives
MayorGeorge Heartwell616-459-6121
ManagerKurt Kimball616-456-3166
Asst.Mgr/Com.DevVictor Vasquez616-456-3677
Asst.Mgr/Fiscal ServScott Buhrer616-456-3950
Asst.Mgr/Public WorksEric DeLong616-456-3120
CouncilJames Jendrasiak616-456-3035
Roy Schmidt616-456-3035
Rosalynn Bliss616-456-3035
Rick Tormala616-456-3035
Elias Lumpkins616-456-3035
James B. White, Sr.616-456-3035
ClerkMary Therese Hegarty616-456-3010
AttorneyPhilip A. Balkema616-456-3181
TreasurerAlbert Mooney616-456-3020
AssessorGlen Beekman616-456-3081
ComptrollerStanley Milanowski616-456-3189
Fire ChiefJohn VanSolkema616-456-3900
Police ChiefHarry Dolan616-456-3364
EngineerBill Cole616-456-3060
Equal Opp.DirIngrid Scott-Weekley616-456-3027
Human Resources DirMari Beth Jelks616-456-3176
Income Tax AdminDon VanderWest616-456-3415
Mgmt Infor.Systems DirThomas McQuillan616-456-3069
Motor Equip DirMark Roberts616-456-3223
PurchasingScott Buhrer616-456-3173
Pub WorksPatrick Bush616-456-3232
Acting Traffic Sfty DirPatrick Bush (not acting)616-456-3066
Planning DirSuzanne Schulz616-456-3031
Acting Neighborhood Imp.DirJames Hurt (not acting)616-456-3471
Public Housing DirCarlos Sanchez616-456-5700
Parks & RecJay Steffen616-456-3361
Water Dpt. SuperDonald Spencer616-771-1241
Library DirMarcia Warners616-456-3622
Museum Dir(vacant)616-456-3977

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