Riverside Park

Trail For a great picnic or a “time-out” from a busy day, Evart’s Riverside Park offers a relaxing apmosphere and a variety of things to do. Most prominent is the Eastern edge of the Park bordered by the Muskegon River: A shady, well-groomed trail runs along the length of the park and offers an excellent view of the River. You can easily get caught up in watching the current roll slowly around the bend, feeling the calm, and for a moment, forgetting everything else. Shelter/Slide/Spring Toys
The Park also offers a wide range of playground equipment for the kids, including a custom slide & ladder, spring ‘n bounce figures and swings. There is also a shuffleboard court and a ball diamond. Muskegon River
On the West side of the Park, a winding stream flows into the Muskegon. There is also a canoe access landing with plenty of parking. In the Summer, you can see many canoe enthusiasts there, as the Park is a great place to either board or get off the River and spot cars. If you’re getting on, it’s approx. a 3-hour trip to Hersey. To end your canoe trip at the Park, you can get on the River at M-66, just N. of US-10, a few miles east of Evart. That also is approximately a 3 hour trip.

Riverside Park is located in the Southeast section of Evart. Just take Main Street South a few blocks and turn left: and you can’t miss it.

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