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Coloma, Michigan

Address: 119 North Paw Street ~ P.O Box 329
Coloma, Michigan 49038-0329
Phone (616) 468-6606
Fax: (616) 468-5639
Sq. Miles0.90
Form Govt.Mayor/Council
Meeting2nd & 4th Mon.,7:30pm
State Government Officials/Representatives
MayorCharles Owen
AssessorSue Manning
AttorneyRandy Hyrns616-983-0551
Clerk Martha Darling
CouncilSue Dahlquist
Marsha Fishburn
Linda Freitag
Tom Onofrio
Julia Smith
William Smith
Fire ChiefRandy Morris
Police ChiefPhil Cottier
Public InfoRoseann Clements
Public WorksRodney Burkholder
StreetsTom Onofrio
TreasurerW. Sue Moser

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