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Cement City, Michigan

Address: 135 Main Street
Cement City, Michigan 49233
Phone (517) 592-2756 or Fax: (517) 592-2562
Sq. Miles0.7
Form Govt.General Law Village
Meeting2nd Thur.,7:30pm
U.S. Representative District 7
State Senator District 17
State Representative Distrct 57
AssessorWilliam Bendele
AttorneyBaker & Durst517-265-7101
ClerkJenina Fletcher
CouncilMelvin CureVice President
William Bendele, Jr.
Shawn Surque
Dave Vescelius
Fire ChiefWilliam Bendele
Police ChiefRick Williams
PresidentWayne Gier
Public InfoArchie Crawford
TreasurerSandra Rowland
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