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CITY GOVERNMENT - Burr Oak, Michigan

Address: 208 Front Street ~ PO Box 366
Burr Oak, Michigan 49030-0366
Phone: (269) 269-489-5258

Population 797-
Sq. Miles 1.00-
Form Govt. General Law Village-
Meeting Last Mon., 7:00p.m. -
County Saint Joseph -
State Government Officials/Representatives
President Rebecca Ware-
Council Richard Ultz -
Terrance Greene -
Marilyn Rubley -
Norma Adams -
Samir Idriss-
John Bogucki-
Clerk Kelly Jo Decker-
Treasurer Thelma Fiebelkorn-
Police Chief Phillip Campbell269-489-2414 is not connected or affiliated with any city, county, village, or township.
We provide as much community information as we can but have no official connection to this community.
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