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1 - Raspberry Pie Day

2 - Watermelon Lovers Day

3 - National Park Day

4 - Twins Festival Day

5 - Mustard Seed Day

6 - Try Hypnosis Day

7 - Sea Serpent Day

8 - Cheese Cake Day

9 - Dance a Polka Day

10 - Take an Asprin Day

11 - Cherry Popsicle Day

12 - Truck Drivers Day

13 - Trail Mix Day

14 - Healthy Feet Day

15 - Angel Food Cake Day

16 - Bratwurst Festival Day

17 - #2 Pencil Day

18 - Moot Point Day

19 - Spicey Food Day

20 - Thomas Edison Day

21 - Distilled Water Day

22 - Eat a Peach Day

23 - Hair Dye Day

24 - Can Opener Day

25 - Soy Beans Day

26 - Horse Shoe Day

27 - Banana Lovers Day

28 - Tall Building Day

29 - Lemon Juice Day

30 - Get a Slinky Day

31 - Eat Outside Day
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1st -
1831   General Lewis Cass resigns as governor.

2nd -
1861   The First Michigan Infantry comes home to a hero's welcome in Detroit.

3rd -
1795   Michigan land is ceded to the United States.

4th -
1913   Born Asa Bundy Sheffey, Poet Robert Hayden is born in Detroit.

5th -
1862   Detroit Mayor, John R. Williams's son is killed repulsing an attack by Confederate forces at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

6th -
1845   The University of Michigan graduates its first class.

7th -
1904   Ralph Bunche in born in Detroit. In 1950 he was the first African American to win the Nobel Peace prize for negotiating a ceasefire among warring nations in the Middle East.

8th -
1970   Music fans rock at Goose Lake. Hailed as Michigan's "Woodstock", the three-day concert included The Small Faces with Rod Stewert, Mitch Ryder, SRC and Alice Cooper.

9th -
1974   Gerald R. Ford becomes the 38th president of the United States.

10th -
1865   Detroit prepares to greet General U.S. Grant.

11th -
1942   Bud Abbott and Lou Costello visit Ironwood.

12th -
1863   The First Michigan Collored Infantry is authorized.

13th -
1796   General Wayne comes to Detroit.

14th -
1959   Basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson is born.

15th -
1796   Wayne County is created.

16th -
1812   Detroit surrenders to the British.

17th -
1980   Detroit Tigers retire number 6 worn by Al Kaline who won a league's batting crown in 1955 with a .340 batting average.

18th -
1858   William Austin Burt dies. One of the truly great surveyors to work in Michigan including inventing the solar compass, which saved surveyors time when working in areas rich with minerals that produced inaccurae compass readings.

19th -
1951   The Detroit Tigers pitch to the first midget, 3'7" Eddie Gaedell.

20th -
1794   Americans win the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

21th -
1984   The Chief Wawatam sails for the last time after years of transporting passengers, automobiles and railcars across the Straits of Mackinac.

22th -
1861   The Seventh Michigan Infantry is mustered.

23th -
1975   The Detroit Lions move to the suburbs as over 60 thousand fans gathered to watch the Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs in an exhibition game in the new Pontiac Metropolitan Stadium, later called the Pontiac Silverdome.

24th -
1834   Cholera epidemic hits Detroit.

25th -
1858   Michigan soldiers battle at Reams Station, Virginia.

26th -
1817   Public education comes to Michigan.

27th -
1856   Abraham Lincoln speaks in Kalamazoo.

28th -
1891   Road construction continues in Detroit.

29th -
1821   Lewis Cass negotiates the Treaty of Chicago

30th -
1905   Ty Cobb plays his first game for the Detroit Tigers.

31th -
1809   "The Michigan Essay or Impartial Observer", Michigan's first newspaper, is printed.

All Michigan history is courtesy of Michigan History Magazine.

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