Wayne County, Michigan

wayne.index.html.1"> Address: Wayne County Bldg.
600 Randolph Street - 4th Floor
Detroit, Michigan 48226
Fax: (313) 224-5093
Official Web Site:
U.S. RepJoseph Knollenberg-R (11)
Lynn Rivers-D (13)
John Conyers-D (14)
Carolyn Kilpatrick-D (15)
John Dingell-D (16)
State SenJoseph Young,Jr-D (1)
Virgil Smith,Jr-D (2)
Henry Edward Stallings,Jr-D (3)
Jackie Vaughn III-D (4)
Michael OBrien-D (5)
George Hart-D (6)
Christopher Dingell-D (7)
Loren Bennett-R (8)
Robert Geake-R (9)
State Rep Andrew Richner-R (1)
LaMar Lemmons III-D (2)
Artina Tinsley Hardman-D (3)
Ed Vaughn-D (4)
Kenneth Daniels-D (5)
Martha Scott-D (6)
Hansen Clarke-D (7)
Belda Garza-(8)
Kwame Kilpatrick-D (9)
Samuel Thomas III-D (10)
Irma Clark-D (11)
Keith Stallworth-D (12)
Triette Reeves-D (13)
Derrick Hale-D (14)
Gary Woronchak-D (15)
Bob Brown-D (16)
Thomas Kelly-D (17)
Eileen DeHart-D (18)
Laura Toy-R (19)
Gerald Law (20)
Bruce Patterson-R (21)
Raymond Basham-D (22)
George Mans (23)
William O'Neil-D (24)
Gloria Schermesser-D (25)
CommissionersChristopher Cavanagh
Bernard Parker - Dist
Jewel Ware
Ilona Varga Dist-5
George Cushingberry Jr.
Ricardo Solomon
Kathleen Husk
Lyn Bankes
John Sullivan
Kay Beard
Susan Hubbard
Joseph Palamara
Edwrd Boike, Jr
ExecutiveEdward McNamara313-224-0286
ClerkTeola Hunter313-224-6262
CounselBen Washburn313-224-2360
SherriffRobert Ficano313-224-2233
TreasureRay Wojtowicz313-224-5990
Register of DeedsForest Youngblood313-224-5854
Parks & RecHurley Coleman, Jr734-261-2022
Prosecuting AttorneyJohn O'Hair313-224-5777
Habitat for Humanity-
Western Wayne County

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