Oakland County, Michigan

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U.S. RepDebbie Stabenow-R (8)[email protected]
Dale Kildee-D (9)[email protected]
Joseph Knolleberg-R (11)[email protected]
Sander Levin-D (12)[email protected]
State SenMichael Bouchard-R (13)[email protected]
Gary Peters-D (14)[email protected]
William Bullard-R (15)[email protected]
Mat Dunaskiss-R (16)[email protected]
John Cherry Jr.-D (28)[email protected]
State Rep David Woodward-D (34)[email protected]
Gilda Jacobs-D (35)[email protected]
Nancy Quarles-D (36)[email protected]
Andrew Raczkowski-R (37)[email protected]
Nancy Cassis-R (38)[email protected]
Marc Shulman-R (39)[email protected]
Patricia Godchaux-R (40)[email protected]
John Pappageorge-R (41)[email protected]
Robert Gosselin-R (42)[email protected]
Hubert Price Jr-D (43)[email protected]
Michael Kowall (44)517-373-2616
Michael Bishop-R (45)[email protected]
Ruth Johnson-R (46)[email protected]
CommissionersWilliam R. Patterson - Dist 1248-858-0100
David N. Galloway - Dist 2248-858-0100
Lawrence A. Obrecht - Dist 3248-858-0100
Frank H. Millard Jr. - Dist 4248-858-0100
Fran Amos - Dist 5[email protected]
Brenda Causey-Mitchell - Dist 6248-858-0100
Tim Melton-Dist 7248-858-0100
Sue Ann Douglas-Dist 8[email protected]
John Garfield - Dist 9[email protected]
Ron Colasanti - Dist 10248-858-0100
Nancy Dingeldey - Dist 11[email protected]
Shelley Taub - Dist 12[email protected]
Thomas A. Law - Dist 13248-858-0100
David B. Buckley - Dist 14248-858-0100
Donald Jensen - Dist 15248-858-0100
Charles Palmer - Dist 16248-858-0100
Kay Schmid - Dist 17248-858-0100
David Moffitt - Dist 18248-858-0100
Terry Sever - Dist 19248-858-0100
Vincent Gregory - Dist 20248-858-0100
Eric Coleman - Dist 21248-858-0100
John McCulloch - Dist 22248-858-0100
Michelle Friedman Appel- Dist 23248-858-0100
George Suarez - Dist 24248-414-7396
Ruel McPherson - Dist 25248-858-0100
County ExecutiveL. Brooks Patterson248-588-0484
ClerkG. William Caddell248-858-0581
TreasurerC. Hugh Dohany248-858-0611
SheriffMichael Bouchard248-858-5000
Emer MgmtEMS[email protected]
Register of Deeds
Road CommRoad Comm[email protected]
Drain CommissionerGeorge Kuhn
Parks[email protected]
Prosecuting AttorneyDavid Gorcyca
County LibraryPhyllis A. Jose248-858-0380

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