Shabbona United Methodist Church

Sunday School: 10:00am
Sunday Worship: 11:15am

4045 N Decker Rd
Shabbona, MI
(810) 672-9992

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 125, Decker, MI 48426

Pastors: Rev. James & Rev. Jean Rencontre
3045 Decker Rd
Decker, MI 48426
(810) 672-9929

If you don't have a church, here are ten reasons why you should come to the Shabbona United Methodist Church:

10. The preacher doesn't yell at you.
9. You might laugh during worship.
8. Your kids will want to come back.
7. There's lots of music.
6. All the music isn't 200 years old.
5. You won't go to sleep.
4. You can meet some awesome people.
3. You can find support in times of trouble.
2. You can be a better person.

A new church for a new century, helping people find direction.

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