Mecosta, Michigan

mecosta.index.html.1"> Address: 135 Main Street
Mecosta, Michigan 49332
Phone: (231) 972-7603
Sq. Miles1.1
Form Govt.General Law Village
Meeting1st Mon., 7:00pm
U.S. RepDave Camp-R (4)
State SenJoanne Emmons-R (23)
State Rep Mike Pumford-R (100)
PresidentSteven Bishop231-972-8607
CouncilLlyod Batholomew
Janet Fountain
Gary Gilbert
Catherine Humphrey
David LaLonde
John Ulrich, Jr.
ClerkAlan C. Fountain231-972-7603
FinanceGloria Miller517-796-8945
BudgetGary Gilbert
TreasurerGloria Miller231-972-7244
AssessorLinda Gilbert
Pub SafetySteven Bishop231-972-8607
Com DevSteven Bishop231-972-8607
Pub WordsSteven Biship231-972-8607
StreetsLarry Lenon
CemeteryDavid LaLonde
Parks & RecJanet Fountain
Human ResSteven Bishop231-972-8607
AirportLloyd Bartholemew
Public InfoAlan Fountain231-972-7603

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